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Furthermore they realize that those who do appear as perfect may actually be less likable. Be the real deal.

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The science of likability.

How to be likable. One of the greatest feelings in the world is knowing that someone likes you. When someone appears perfect we distance ourselves from them. Be more likable using these 5 science backed strategies.

Start with these 10 secrets to become one of those friendly and super likable people that everyone feels comfortable around and wants to get to know better. These are the people who talk about positive stuff rather than negative stuff show optimism radiate feelings of joy through their body language joke around and focus on having fun. With the world as chaotic as it is it is very easy for people to be filled with cynicism what makes people stand out from the rest is having a positive.

When trying to become more likable you want to remember that it isn t about how many people like you but which people like you. You want to be liked by people you like not by just anyone or by people you want approval from. People who are happy and positive tend to be by far the most likeable people.

Have a friendly open demeanor. You don t need to advertise your achievements but by the same token you won t discount or hide them if they are relevant to point out. Maybe you want to be liked by your partner s parents or your boss.

This means your friends complete strangers and most importantly yourself. Be respectful and polite to everyone you meet. We like people who like us.

Here are some tips and tricks to become more likable make longer lasting relationships and to be a great listener in any situation. Yet incredibly likable people aren t afraid to open up. Being likable means being confident in yourself and humble.

They aren t begging for approval from others so they have no desire to come off as a perfectionist. Respect and likability are two different things. Use the similarity attraction effect.

Likable people have a positive mindset. If you act judgmental or with a dismissive attitude towards other people they will most likely return the same negative feelings towards you.

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